Wrandom Writings

For now, this is kind of an output for wordplay ideas, but it might become more bloggy. I tried keeping some on an actual blog, but lacked the fortitude to post regularly. Dates are posted in YYYY/MM/DD format.


Insane Assonance

amazing grace has laid to waste
the latest haze to phase this place
its blazing face displayed with haste
in greatest rays of day's embrace

Every other syllable in lines 1 and 3, and 2 and 4, rhymes, and all contain the hard 'a' sound.


Spoonerism Limerick

There once was a rather dim proctor
Who went to waltz with a prim doctor
The dim proctor danced
While the prim doctor pranced
And ended the thing when he mocked her


I've heard that there are three colors for which no single-word rhyme exists. The feat has surely been attempted by brighter minds, but here's my attempt at mitigating the situation over multiple words:

There was a tree whose leaves were silver
Sadly, it was just an ill fir

We burned its bark with flames of orange
Then doused the fire, lest the core singe

And, in twilight's fading purple
Cut the trunk down to a fir pole

Interestingly, it looks like there actually is a category of tree called Silver Fir, even when it's perfectly healthy. Also:

you'll find nothing to rhyme with month
for i have tried it more than oneth


A while back, I submitted a poem with hidden thematic words to the riddle site, The Grey Labyrinth. They were generous enough to draw some 3D artwork to go along with it.


You know that t-shirt/bumper sticker that says "I put the laughter in slaughter"? Imagery aside, I thought the wordplay was pretty clever. With the aid of some wildcard dictionary searches, I came up with a few of my own. The "rule" is that the contained word must be at least four letters long and differ in pronunciation from the original word. Also, I included some fake product names for contextual humor.

LipWaxer - "We put the ache in mustache."

Wurst Investing - "We put the ruin in accruing."

Mad Fruits - "We put the anger in tangerine."

Coworker Removal - "We put the ague in colleague."

Ruthless Management - "We put the ogre in progress."

Misanthropes - "We put the hate in whatever."

I tried to come up with more uplifting examples, but there are so many more negative words. A list that begins with "idiot, moron, jerk" could go on for quite a ways, but what non-adjective words are there to complement someone? Do-gooder? Exemplar? Instead, we have to use metaphors like "sugar", "honey", or "Chuck Norris".