Rhythm Guitar

The Blurb:
"Plays like a real 6-string, 5-fret guitar. Strum and pick chords, make new chords, string them together to create songs, transpose songs to fit your vocal range. Great for songwriting, chord reference, learning radio hits, or even plugging into speakers and pedals.
Android Developer Challenge Winner in the Misc category!"

The Background:
I love playing guitar, and I'm always trying to write songs, but humming notes into my phone's voice recorder was just not the creative output I wanted. Rhythm Guitar started as a tool for my own personal use so I could strum chords and come up with progressions while away from my Taylor. Phones are still a far cry away from the tactile satisfaction of a real fretboard, but Rhythm Guitar ended up being a decent substitute for working out chord progressions and accompanying my attempts at singing. When Google announced the Android Developer Challenge 2, I polished up the interface, messed with the color schemes, tried to make the user experience clean and intuitive, and submitted it.  I'm really satisfied with the end product, but it was still a surprising blessing to win one of the prizes. Thanks to everyone who voted; it's cool to see so many other Android-wielding musicians out there.

The Screenshots: