The Blurb:
"A block-dropping, spell-casting, puzzle/strategy game with Tetris roots. Three game modes, Survival, Puzzle, and Journey, feature 50 levels of casual time-killing and intense mind-bending goodness. If you think our work is worth supporting, consider getting the $1 Alkaline Donated or PayPal Thanks"

The Background:
Alkaline was a labor of love that was our first foray into the Android market. We wanted to make a fun, innovate game for the then-emerging Android market and get comfy with the code. The core gameplay is based around dropping colored blocks onto a screen and matching colors. There are a couple twists, the most obvious being how we optimized the mechanics for simple use on a touchscreen. Then there's the spells; while the main goal is to group colors, there are certain color combinations that form spells, which can be clutch in getting through a level.

When starting Alkaline, hit up the tutorial first. If you really just want to jump in and play, choose Survival.

The Screenshots:

The File:
Below is the download link for the Alkaline apk file so you can manually install it on an Android device. If you have access to the Market, it's probably better to just download Alkaline from there.
sota productions,
Jan 17, 2010, 12:01 AM